IANTD Rebreather Experience

Rebreather Experience Course Overview

The Rebreather experience course is the perfect way to try out one or several rebreather units to get a feel for them before you make a commitment.  With this course, there is no certification card granted, this is purely a rebreather experience "try and dive" to better acquaint yourself with rebreathers in general.  Because this is a single dive experience, you also have the option to combine multiple rebreathers in a single day for a discounted price.

Course Duration

This is a 1 day course with 1 dive.


This experience program is designed to introduce the diver to the basic concepts of Rebreathers, and to provide a practical confined water and optional OW exposure for swimming with a Rebreather.

How deep can an Instructor take meduring an IANTD Rebreather Experience Program?

No dives may be conducted to depths greater than 50fsw.

What do you need to enroll in this program?

Must be a minimum of 12 years of age for Junior Diver qualification with a parent or guardian authorization, OR; Must be a minimum of 15 years of age for Diver qualification with a parent or guardian authorization, OR; Must be a minimum or 18 years of age without guardian approval.

What is the minimum materials requirements?

No materials are required

What this program must include?

  • Academic Sessions
    • Explanation about the unit;
    • Basic explanation about rebreather diving;
    • Basic explanation about Physiology
    • ... and much more.
  • Confined Water Sessions
    • Swim with the unit;
    • Practice basic survival Skills;
    • Propulsion Skills;
    • ... and much more.
  • Open Water Sessions
    • Swim unit and practice buoyancy control one (1) optional open water dive


The cost of this course varies depending on which rebreather you'd like to learn on.

AP Inspiration € 120,00
Poseidon MKVI or SE7EN Rec € 180,00
Lungfish CCR € 120,00