OC Cave Training

Open Circuit Cave Diving

Cave Diving is considered any dive that takes place under a naturally occurring rock ceiling. Cave diving has been considered one of the most extreme and hazardous forms of diving, but it doesn’t have to be if you get proper training and follow the rules. There are two forms of cave diving: cavern diving and full cave diving.   With training from the Rebreather Zone, we can take you from introduction to Cavern Diving through to full technical cave diver.  We offer training with both backmount and sidemount configurations.

Click on any of the course titles below for a brief overview of the course.  Prices listed do not include the student kits (€ 50,00 or the certification card € 50,00). For more information on any of the courses listed below, please contact us.

Courses available from IANTD

IANTD OC or Sidemount Cavern Diver€ 450,00  IANTD OC or Sidemount Introductory Cavern Diver€ 600,00  IANTD OC or Sidemount Mine diver€ 900,00  IANTD OC or Sidemount Tek Lite Cave Diver€ 1.000,00  IANTD OC or Sidemount Full Cave Diver€ 750,00  IANTD OC or Sidemount Technical Cave Diver I€ 1.300,00  IANTD OC or Sidemount Technical Cave Diver II€ 1.300,00  IANTD OC or Sidemount Technical Wreck Diver€ 550,00